,,, to the ends of the earth

,,, to the ends of the earth

Thursday, August 25, 2011

More from Kenya

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Maasais girl (Lasoi) helping one of our team to carry stones to continue the work on the building. The plan is to build a facility for girls to come to when they are fleeing Early Forced Marriage or Female Genital Mutilation.

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Playing draughts with street boys - I think they were better than Roger!

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In the Maasai land in South Kenya there are many isolated villages - no shop, no market, no school, no water! About 1 hours drive out of the town where we stayed for our 2 week project (Narok) was such a village. The children walk 1 hour to school and the women walk 2 hours to the nearest clean water source.

Well, well!! - He we are digging a bore hole for them, with the organisation Water4 Foundation. They hit water at 23 feet a week ago and by now should have a fully functioning well.

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Bontey Slek Slum

Some of you will recognise this slum (picture 1 taken a couple of weeks ago) as the place where the church hold their "Joy Club" - an afternoon every Thursday where the children who live in the slum come to play, join in songs, hear bible stories and endure Mission Direct amateur dramatics!!

Last week 80% of the slum was burnt down (a family dispute getting out of hand!). These people who previously only owned the leaky roof over their head, the bench that they slept on and a few cooking utensil literally now have nothing.

The Red Cross provided them with the tarpaulins and somehow they have managed to rescue some of their tin roof and to buy bamboo canes to hold it all up - not that this is any real shelter from the daily torrential rain that we are now having.

Thursday 23rd - following aid donations New Life Fellowship went and gave out nearly 200 packs of aid - each pack containing 4 items of clothes (2 adult, 2 child), 1 cooking pot, 3 bowls, 3 spoons. It was an amazing sight - the people were orderly and patient for their turn. There was no pushing or shoving. Once all the bags had been dsitributed, there was a "swap shop" of clothes until each person found something that fitted them.

In the midst of this, we were invited to sit down with a family whose twins were just a few days old. They were proud parents in the midst of sheer abject poverty.

For anyone that donated clothes while they were out here on a team, or gave me money to give to those I saw in need - this is where your donation went.


We have just come back from 2 weeks in Thailand. We were in Phuket with a couple called Mark and Sharon Biddle who run a programme of Self Help and Empowerment (www.shethailand.org) for bar girls. They help the girls escape from the sex trade by giving them counselling and practical skills that they can use to get a better job. Most of the girls also become Christians.

We then spent 3 days on Bangkok with our friends Marc and Ceri. The night-time picure is taken from the top of their appartment blocj, the city picture is taken from the river and the other picture is Chinatown.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

New office?

After 4 months Daniel and I have found our new "office" that serves a pot of tea or cold coke for $1, has secure WiFi and is only a $2 ride from our house.

Afternoon tea?

This first picture is Heather enjoying a HUGE pot of tea after a hard afternoon of flip-flop ministry. The picture of Daniel was taken Sunday afternoon - if you look hard you can see the pot of English tea that he is working his way through!